Furry Thief Snatches A Loaf Of Bread And Runs Out Of Supermarket

A shoplifter was caught on camera at a supermarket in Brazil, but it wasn’t the typical thief. Employees at the União Supermercado had to do a double take when they saw the furry figure run by out of the corner of their eyes.

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The sneaky dog grabbed a loaf of bread and headed for the exit before anyone could do anything, but his actions were caught on the store’s surveillance cameras.

And another camera even captured the moment the dog first contemplated the crime, showing the pup eyeballing a loaf of bread in a customer’s hands! 😀

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No one knows exactly where the dog came from, but the store’s employees do a great deal for stray dogs in the area by leaving out bowls of food and water for them.

But now this dog, stray or not, is somewhat of a celebrity with the video of the “crime” nearing 130k views with no end in sight! Hopefully this helps them learn more about the dog and whether or not he has any owners out there looking for him. 🙂

h/t The Dodo