Woman Sees Growling Dog At The Shelter And Rescues Her Anyway

Tammy is known as a dog whisperer. And her friends have seen firsthand the difference she can make in a dog’s life. When she saw this photo of an angry-looking Chihuahua in a Philadelphia shelter, she knew she had to rescue her.

She made the trip and when she got there, the dog kept growling at her. But Tammy knew exactly what she was doing. She took the dog and not even an hour later, Sunshine’s attitude had completely changed.

Sunshine went from a scared and tense shelter dog to sweet family dog in less than an hour. The transformation was startling.

Tammy fostered Sunshine for eight months before finding her the perfect forever home. Tammy now has her own animal rescue shelter called Peace, Love & Doggie Paws that you can support here. 🙂

Some people just have a magical touch. What an incredible story!