Injured Dog Happily Greets People Who Approach Her At The Factory

Animal Aid Unlimited responded to a call about a stray living at a factory with a terrible wound on her neck. When rescuers arrived on scene, she acted as if she were happy to see them! That little tail just wagged and wagged. They proceeded to get her back to the hospital as fast as possible.

Besides the neck wound, the good girl had an eye infection and swelling on her cheek they needed to take care of. She had enough loose skin for the wound to be stitched back together, so they prepped her for surgery and flushed it clean.

The dog ate well which was good to make her stronger for her surgery. She was cheerful and friendly despite her injury, and after she healed, she seemed to glow even more. So they named her Sunny-Day! Wait until you see her now. 🙂