Passersby Find Dog Under A Car In Need Of Some Serious Life-Changing Love

A stray was found hiding out underneath a car in immense pain, and Animal Aid Unlimited was alerted. When rescuers arrived, they were heartbroken to see the poor boy trembling in agony. The dog was so scared and didn’t want to be touched, but they had to save him from this intense suffering.

They transported the dog back to the hospital where they sedated him to clean the maggot-infested wound. This part of the video can be hard to watch, but it’s all worth it in the end. The dog was bandaged up and given medicine and finally settled in for lots of rest and food.

This gentle sweetheart would’ve surely died under that car if not found and treated. Instead, he underwent one of the greatest transformations you’ll ever see! And it’s all thanks to the people who made the call and the Animal Aid staff! Just wait until you see Sunny-Day now. 🙂

You can donate to Animal Aid to help them continue to save the lives of street animals in India.