Stray Shows Up To Subway Restaurant Every Night For A Free Sandwich

Every night, a stray dog named “Subway Sally” arrives to a sandwich shop for some free food. A kind staffer puts on the gloves and makes a special sandwich just for her, and she awaits full of excitement! This has been going on for a year, and it’s something all parties look forward to each day. ūüôā


TikTok user Kxnuko works at Sally’s favorite restaurant and recorded a short clip of the dog in her routine for everyone to see ‚ÄĒ and it has gone viral! The stray knows she can count on this food and getting some fresh water here, but if they’re too late, she goes across the street to Taco Bell!

Some have suggested the dog looks too clean to be a stray, but she’s taken care of by the community. A woman who runs a local floral shop occasionally gives Sally baths and cleans up her coat.

Since starting work at this Portales, New Mexico, Subway, Kxnuko has witnessed Sally with four different litters. People have tried to rescue the girl, but she always finds her way back at the restaurant. She must have a regular place to sleep and care for all of her puppies.

Subway Sally seems to have life all figured out, and these Subway workers will be there for her as long as she’s around! ūüôā

h/t – The Dodo