Stubborn Dog Stomps Her Feet When She Doesn’t Get Her Way

Dogs can be stubborn when they don’t get their way, and their tantrums are often child-like. When they throw their fits and give us an earful, it’s hard not to give in to their demands. They’re just too funny and too cute!

But Mya the Australian Shepherd takes stubborn tantrums to a whole new level! When she doesn’t get what she wants, she stomps her feet in protest. Here she wants to go outside, but Mom says, “Don’t stomp your feet, you were just out!”

Mya proceeds to stare at Mom and whine before going back to her signature move. Have you ever seen anything like it? 😀

She’s one bratty dog, but you can’t help but love her! Australian Shepherds are intelligent dogs and easy to train, but they are also very vocal. All of these traits are evident with Mya, just watch the video below and see for yourself. 🙂