Street Sweeper Takes Time Out Of His Busy Day To Entertain A Stray Cat

A street sweeper was caught on camera playing with a stray cat, and it’s so heartwarming to see! It reminds me of the time a street sweeper made a stray dog’s day by taking the time to pay attention to her. ūüôā

From the owner: “I took a coffee break in downtown Istanbul where I usually observe the park across the street known to the locals as Kedili Park, The Park With Cats. There’s usually a good amount of aww moments during this activity, but this time it was particularly cute: A street sweeper was petting a gray cat with his broom, and engaging in play with it. It was so heartwarming that I just had to record it. Although the cat appears to walk away at the end of the video, it came back a few seconds after I stopped recording to engage in more play. What makes this even better is that, if this is the sweeper’s daily route, then they’re probably friends with the cat.”