Street Dog Makes Her Way To The Pharmacy To Ask For Help For Her Injured Paw

Banu Cengiz, a pharmacist in Turkey, was taken aback when a street dog wandered up to her pharmacy and stood at the front door as if to ask for help. And that was exactly what the dog was looking for.

Banu figured the dog must need something and checked her out and found her paw was bleeding. The dog wagged her tail and placed the injured paw on the pharmacist’s hand! The woman brought the dog in, cleaned the wound, and provided the pup with food, water, and antibiotics.

The sweet dog was patient and cooperative and felt safe enough to relax there until closing time. Banu has helped many stray animals over the years, even finding them homes when possible. She wishes she could do more and take them all home, but it’s just not realistic.

“I do it because they feel,” she said. “We need to help those who need it. People should teach their children to love and respect animals and nature. Then we can all live together in a beautiful world.”