Stray Dog Wanders Into A Stranger’s Yard To Safely Give Birth To 9 Puppies

Hope For Paws received a call about a stray who’d wandered into a stranger’s yard and given birth to 9 puppies. Loreta Frankonyte and JoAnn Wiltz headed out for the rescue. It was very hot, and the mama kept trying to move her pups under the house. But the family who lived there brought them back out as it was too unsanitary.

The mom was understandably very protective of her puppies at first, but it didn’t take long her for to realize the rescuers were there to help. They gathered the dog family up to head back to the hospital, and it was the perfect rescue on the day of the 11th anniversary for Hope For Paws!

Godiva had a lot of babies for such a small dog, and it was hard for her to feed them all at first. But JoAnn and Loreta coached her through it. The family moved on to their foster home with PAL Rescue, and five weeks later they’re all ready to be adopted! 🙂