Stray Mother Dog Carries Around Lifeless Puppy Looking For Help

Hope For Paws responded to an urgent text about a pit bull who’d given birth on the streets. The mama was seen walking around with her lifeless pup looking for any help she could get. The poor baby was gone, but there were six others she was still tending to. They found the mom lying on the ground protecting her young ones with her body when they arrived on scene.

Mama was scared and very protective of her babies and didn’t want to come out of her hiding spot. But they were able to coax her with the gentle snare. Rescuers then rounded up all of the dogs and headed back to the hospital. Mama Jade still looked worried even with her pups, but Eldad couldn’t put his finger on it. Something was wrong…

And the next day, they received a call from Stephanie saying that a neighbor admitted to taking one of the puppies home to try to raise it. They realized it was a mistake and asked to get the pup back to its mom.

With all of her puppies by her side, Jade was so happy! And eight weeks later, they’re now being fostered by The Little Red Dog as they await their forever homes. 🙂