Stranger Gives Homeless Dog A Blanket Along With A Moment Of Affection

The homeless dog issue is a problem spanning the entire globe, and it’s one that’s going to require even more attention to fix. There are many amazing people and organizations out there doing their part to help out in a big way, but it’s going to take everyone.

The video below is bittersweet and one that doesn’t come with much information. But it shows the seriousness of the issue at hand and provides a personal, up-close account with a stray dog on the street and the problems one must face on a daily basis.

The stranger is seen picking up a blanket and walking over to the dog to place it on her to keep her as warm as possible while she fends for herself. Additionally, he also takes a moment to spread some love and affection to a dog who needs it more than anything.

We hope this was the start to a happy ending for this homeless dog and that she was taken home or at least reported to a local shelter to help get her on the way to a better life.