Stray Dog Approaches Stranger’s Vehicle Hoping To Be Rescued

Takis of Takis Shelter was driving in to town when his work for the day would come to him for once. On his way to the shelter, he saw a homeless dog. And this stray would approach his vehicle and basically beg to be taken in and rescued!

The dog didn’t know it at the time, but he picked the perfect person to ask for help. The stray jumped up at the car door and whined and cried knowing he couldn’t spend another day out on the streets all alone. And as soon as Takis opened the door, the dog hopped right onto the passenger seat!

“He wants to come with me!” Takis exclaimed. He couldn’t believe this dog was so smart as to not only understand he needed help but also where to find it. The six-to-seven-month-old pup was so happy on the ride to the shelter where he would be named Hitch!

Life just has a way of working out sometimes, and Hitch’s day had finally come! 🙂