Stray Approaches Stranger On The Street, And They Start Dancing

Metin Can Şener was walking home early one morning when a stray dog appeared from the shadows. The pup was wagging his tail at the sight of this stranger, and they proceeded to have an adorable reaction that was caught on the local café’s security camera!

The man had seen the dog before as he often hangs around this café during the day. But this was their first interaction, and it was one that fully acquainted them! As the two approached each other, they started dancing. 🙂

And just like that, they became good friends! As a man with four dogs, he couldn’t take this good boy home. But despite apparently living as a stray, the dog seems well-fed and as healthy as can be! It’s not hard to imagine this friendly dog taking to and allowing the locals to care for him.

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Metin didn’t know their greeting was caught on the security camera until the owner of the café saw the footage and shared it with him. It was posted to Twitter where it has gone viral, and it’s easy to see why!