Kids Find Old Dog On The Street Whose Long Nails Suggested It’d Been A While

Hope For Paws received a call about a stray dog who was found by some kids hiding under a car. The old dog’s long nails suggested he’d been neglected for quite some time, and he was pretty scared. But he trusted these Good Samaritans the most, and they helped Eldad capture and leash him.

Eldad got the Chihuahua back to the rescue vehicle, and the dog showed his sweet side. After getting a bath back at the facility, the old boy just wanted to rest after fending for himself on the streets for so long. Then he was prepped for surgery.

It was a quick recovery for Stimpy, and he was off to his foster home. He just needs that loving forever home now, and you can contact L.A. Animal Rescue if interested in adopting him. He’ll never be alone again! 🙂