Nervous Stray Dog Shows Up To A Middle School And Doesn’t Leave

Hope For Paws learned about an injured and scared stray who was wandering around the parking lot in front of a middle school and set out for rescue. They met up with the person who had gained the dog’s trust a bit with warm hot dogs, and this allowed them to get a little closer.

Rescuers quickly found that the gentle snare wasn’t going to work on such a skittish dog, so they prepared a trap. And with the dog being too light to trigger the gate, they had to improvise and set a water bottle in the crate for added weight. This did the trick! The dog was so nervous and scared, but better times were ahead.

Stauffer had a microchip, but it was unregistered and traced back to the shelter. So they cleaned him up and got him the care he needed, and he was off to a foster home. Stauffer is looking for his forever home, and he needs a place with a patient family to help him build confidence.