Man Sees Homeless Dogs Standing In Single-File Line Waiting To Receive Help

Millions of people in Ukraine and its surrounding countries have been displaced because of the ongoing Russian attacks, and this has left behind so many pets in need of the essentials. Nate Mook is part of the efforts to help these animals who have lost their homes, and part of his job was to set up a pet feeding station. And when he returned the next day, he couldn’t believe the sight…

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said on Twitter.

Standing in a single-file, perfectly-straight line, were a bunch of dogs patiently waiting their turn to eat some food. Just incredible! Not only was it working, it couldn’t have been going more smoothly and efficiently. They were all so obedient and respectful of each other!

Many volunteers have been helping out in Ukraine, but more money and resources are constantly needed. Recently, 500 pounds of food was donated, and Nate delivered it to a sanctuary in Sviatohirsk that’s housing pets.

When people come together with love in their hearts, it’s been proven time and time again we can overcome just about anything. These innocent animals would be so lost without Nate Mook and the other volunteers, but these dogs and cats are on the receiving end of some of humanity’s best! 🙂

H/T The Dodo