Squirrel Jumps At Stranger’s Leg To Get Him To Follow Her To Her Baby

Squirrels are known for being timid and never letting humans get close to them, and that’s why the following story is so unbelievable. But it’s true, and there are photos for proof! One day, a man was walking along in the park when a squirrel came right up to him.

He found this behavior strange and took out his phone to snap some pictures. The squirrel seemed as if she wanted something and jumped right at the stranger’s leg! She then quickly ran to a big oak tree nearby, and the man followed to see what was up.

And there was a baby squirrel lying under a tree with an injured leg and a gray cat hanging out in the bushes watching. That’s when the man put it all together; The cat must’ve attacked the baby, and mama was able to fight off the first attack but now needed help. The man chased away the cat and called an animal rescue who checked out both squirrels before relocating them to a different part of the park. Amazing!