Too Weak To Lift Her Head, Tiny Puppy Tried To Show Rescuers Love

Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers arrived on scene to help a small puppy lying on the ground who couldn’t move her head. Her neck wasn’t broken, but she had suffered nerve damage as the result of some bite wounds. She tried so hard to greet these kind people, but she just couldn’t do it.

The good news, the little girl was finally in great hands! Back at the hospital, they administered pain meds and started her on antibiotics. The puncture wounds were deep and infection was spreading, so time was of the essence. She was so young, and her situation so critical.

They feared for her life but weren’t about to give up. The little pup needed lots of love and care and needed to be nurtured. While she was still too weak to play, she was able to give all the kisses! The rescuers did what they could do and then decided the best course of action would be to reunite Sprinkles with her mother and family. And just two weeks later… Wow! 🙂