Dad And Dog Engage In Hilarious Back-And-Forth Over Belly Rubs

Dogs can be jealous creatures. They want those head pats and belly rubs all to themselves even if it means a sibling has to miss out. But I’ve never heard a dog backtalk its owner the way Dinky the Great Dane does here!

It’s safe to say these two Great Danes are spoiled rotten. Dinky has already had his turn, but he doesn’t care — he wants more! Brother is getting a nice pat down right now, but Dinky argues that he needs some more attention.

Dinky’s deep, rumbling growl can’t be ignored. The Great Dane even acts out by throwing a hissy fit in which he plops down onto the couch! Mom and dad can’t help but laugh at this point. 😀

Have you ever seen such a tantrum? This dog’s just like a giant child — it’s no wonder some people refer to them as furbabies!

You can tell these dogs have a loving home, and it’s great to see such a wonderful interaction between owners and their dogs. Make sure to share this one with your friends! 🙂