Stray Puppy Couldn’t Smile, But That Was About To Change For The Sweet Boy

Animal Aid received a call about a stray puppy who was bleeding from the mouth and set out to rescue him. There’s a good bit of blood, so it may be tough to watch at first if you get queasy easily. But we must say, it’s worth sticking around for the most beautiful smile that’s unleashed at the end! 🙂

They rushed the sweet boy back to the hospital and prepared him for surgery. His broken jaw would have to be stabilized by wire for a while. After the operation, rescuers were so relieved to see that the good boy could eat on his own!

He definitely would’ve died of starvation out there on his own with a broken jaw. But after just six weeks of healing and love and care, this puppy’s smiling again. See Sparkle and those pearly whites today! 🙂