A Dog Lay Motionless In The Middle Of The Street As A Car Approached

A homeless dog lay motionless in the middle of the road in Bali as a car approached. They put on the brakes and said,”I hope to God she’s not dead,” before getting out to check on her. The dog still didn’t react until she felt a touch on her paw. She wasn’t dead but definitely on death’s doorstep.

She was just a shell of a dog, so they quickly got her over to the vet for care. The poor girl was blind and deaf and didn’t react to anything. But Scarlett Adler decided to give the dog a chance and fostered her!

Sophie started to relax in her new home and get better and better with lots of love, good food, and care! Her personality came out, and she even started playing with the other dogs. Amazingly, Sophie even regained some of her eyesight! They’re calling her a miracle dog, and you’ll want to see her for yourself in the video below. 🙂