People Notice Stray Puppy Isn’t Eating, Pick Her Up And Look In Her Mouth

Starving as she was unable to eat, this puppy’s jaw was broken and her teeth displaced. And Animal Aid Unlimited would never have saved her had it not been for observant and kind neighbors who noticed the puppy wasn’t eating. They immediately called the rescue group to help her, and they performed her surgery the very next day. Without the procedure, she would never have eaten again.

After the operation to remove the broken teeth, wire and stitch her gums and jaw, it still hurt too much to eat normally. So they mashed her food and fed her with a syringe. But within just a few days, the sweet girl was eating all by herself and her full recovery was in motion! Her neighbors pledged to watch over her, and six months later Sonali is doing so well. Take a look at her now! 🙂