Dog Left Home Alone Seen Dragging Mom’s Clothes To The Bed To Snuggle Them

Raven Atchison has a German Shepherd named Kalina, and the dog has been known to experience separation anxiety. Mom stays with her dog as much as she can and takes her with her where possible, but there are just times she has to leave her behind at home for a bit.

She even has some cameras set up to be able to check in on Kalina if she has to be away for too long. And recently while checking the footage, Raven saw her dog dragging her clothes over to the bed to cuddle with! While home alone, the German Shepherd found a way to stay close to Mom.

<a href=httpswwwthedodocomclose to homedog caught cuddling with owners clothes while shes away rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>Raven Atchison<a>

After witnessing this behavior, Raven realized she’s found her clothes scattered across the house in strange spots and couldn’t ever remember how they got there. Now she knows! 😉

“My heart absolutely melted! I’m incredibly touched that my scent alone is such a comfort to her. To have been able to watch her snuggle up with my clothing, and then actually lay down calmly and peacefully with it, made my entire day,” Raven told The Dodo.