Stray On The Run For 49 Days Located With Snow Clumped To His Matted Fur

The image of a homeless dog with severely matted fur was posted to social media in hopes someone could find and help the stray. After two days, some rescuers set out, but the dog was no longer in his old location. They wouldn’t find the stray for another 49 days…

And when the dog was finally located, it was in the snow. And it wasn’t good. The poor thing had snow clumping to his matted fur to add to his misery. He was a prisoner in his own body. The rescuer named him Trofimka and took him in for much needed love and a makeover.

Before getting to work, they just took some time on the grooming table to relax and gain each other’s trust. Trofimka would adapt to the shelter live very quickly, and the dog looks completely different today realizing just how good life can be! Wait until you see him now. 🙂