Unsuspecting Man Has Half Of His Pizza Stolen By Sneaky Dog

Our dogs are too smart for their own good at times! Their big ideas can often land them in trouble, and we do what we can to help seeing as we know what’s better for them than they do. But there’s no stopping a sneaky and hungry dog! ūüėÄ

“We were sitting watching the bands play on stage when we saw a dog come up to sniff the food of a man in front of us. As there are no tables in the stands towards the stage, the man had left his food on the stands. I quickly took out the cell to take the video and just at that moment the dog came closer and grabbed the pizza from the man. We laughed a lot with my friends and the man realized what had happened, but he didn’t bother. The dog stayed a few meters eating the pizza and the man just laughed and let him eat in peace.”