While Looking For A Stray Dog, Hope For Paws Stumbles Upon A Slaughterhouse Escapee

While searching for a stray dog in the Los Angeles area, Hope For Paws came across a pretty strange scenario. They pulled over and noticed a rooster with a cropped beak meaning it must’ve escaped from a slaughterhouse. They weren’t prepared for this type of rescue, so they made a trip to the store.

Loreta offered the rooster pieces of a banana nut muffin, and they readied the net. The slaughterhouse escapee was now safely in their possession. The rescuers transferred the rooster into a crate and named him Cornelius!

Hope For Paws promised to find Cornelius a good home… and that’s exactly what they did! One month later, they went to visit him at his loving forever home. It’s quite the contrast to his old life, and he’s loving every minute of it! 🙂

While not the typical Hope For Paws rescue, this one ended with the same amazing result. If you’d like to donate to help Hope For Paws rescue more animals, you can do so here.