Skinny Stray Talks And Wags His Tail As He Demolishes The Food Given To Him

A skinny stray was found all alone, and he was nothing but skin and bones. And when presented with some food for the first time in who knows how long, he mustered up and used all of his energy to eat, talk, and wag that little tail. This is where heartbreaking started to turn to heartwarming.

Stray Dog Cha-Am took the puppy in, and they would immediately administer hydration IVs, antibiotics, and vaccinations. It would take two months of love and care from the vets and his foster mom, but he’d fully recover! That’s when a family in Canada saw his picture and had to have him, and just like that, he had a forever home. 🙂

From skin and bones on the streets to a perfect forever home with a loving family. Amazing!