Street Dog Leads Strangers Over To Sign On Apartment Door

Lujan Videla and her boyfriend were out and about near their home in Argentina when a street dog caught their eye. He was all alone on the corner, so they approached. They decided to see if an owner would show up, but nobody came. But this is when Bruno started walking, and he led them right over to a sign on an apartment door.

They followed to see what was going on, and that’s when they saw it. The sign read, “Keep the dog out.” So they asked a resident of the building, and they learned that the dog’s owner, an older man, had either passed away or was forced to move out leaving the dog to fend for himself.

Lujan Videla

Poor Bruno had lost his home, and he kept trying to get back in not understanding the situation. Some locals fed him, but the building management put up the sign after having to chase Bruno away so often.

Lujan Videla

Lujan and her boyfriend wanted to help, so they took Bruno home where he seemed sad as if his loss was just starting to sink in. But over the coming days, he started to heal! Bruno’s attitude changed, and he was as happy as could be. 🙂

Lujan Videla

The couple was unable to keep Bruno as their own since they already had several rescues at home, but someone across the street from them was willing to home him. Lujan still gets to take walks with Bruno, and it’s a happy-ever-after for all!

H/T – The Dodo