Dog Given Away By Her Owner Ends Up Tied Out In The Scorching Heat

The Sidewalk Specials Outreach program was approached by a young girl in tears about a dog who was tied up in the blazing heat. The dog appeared here around four days ago and sat crying out ever since. It turned out her original owner gave her away, and this is where she ended up…

The seven-year-old dog finished off the little water she had too fast and now had nothing. She managed to wrap herself around the post several times giving her no room to move. Thankfully, she was found when she was! Rescuers showed up to get her, and she was so thankful. 🙂

Phoebe is currently in the care of Sidewalk Specials as she awaits a loving forever home. She loves other dogs and kids, cats unknown. The lesson to be learned here is to be careful when giving any pets away — you never know where they might end up!