Stranger Takes The Shirt Off His Back When He Spots A Cold Stray In Need

Felipe Gabriel and his brother, Fernando, arrived to the subway in São Paulo, Brazil, when a cold and lonely stray dog caught his attention. Right then and there, he decided to take the shirt off his own back and place it around the pup.

Fernando Gabriel

It was the coldest day of the year, and he couldn’t let the dog freeze. Fernando saw his brother performing this act of kindness and recorded it. Felipe didn’t do it to be noticed, but the video ended up going viral.

Fernando Gabriel

Felipe deserves all the recognition he can get for his selfless deed. And it turns out the shirt that he gave away was one of his favorites! But Felipe said, “It looks better on him.” 🙂

Later, the brothers passed through the station again on their return trip and looked for the dog with the intention of taking him home. But the pup had moved on by then. Felipe regrets not being able to do more for the dog in need, but his actions alone set a great example. If only there were more people like him in the world!