Her Fur Was Turning Hard & Gray, But She Had A Lot Of Life Left To Live

A Good Samaritan called and alerted Animal Aid Unlimited to a sick and suffering dog on the streets. Her fur was turning as hard and gray as stone in this advanced stage of mange. Rescuers were happy to get to her before it would take over her life completely, but there was still a long road ahead to recovery.

The dog was sad and her eyes filled with sorrow, but her life was about to take a turn for the better. She was immediately put on mange medicine and given some good food. The stray then had her first of many medicated baths to help her crusted and cracked skin.

The good girl bravely cooperated in all phases of the recovery process, and it started to pay off in a big way. Her fur was reverting back to its original black color, and her light was beginning to shine! Shimmer looks so much different now, just wait until you see. 🙂