Dog Kept Being Passed Over At The Shelter, Then Girl Bends Down Next To Her

We all realize the importance of adoption. But to see it through the point of view of the dog is something else all together. Save A Hound put together this incredibly heart-wrenching and precious video to highlight the importance of adopting shelter dogs. After seeing it, the “adopt, don’t shop” slogan will mean even more to you.

The story focuses on Suzie, a two-year-old Beagle pup who was taken to the Maryland SPCA in Baltimore. There she sat watching all of these other animals being adopted into loving forever homes as families continued to pass over her. Then she caught the eye of a young girl who just had to have her.

While that story may have been pretend for the video’s sake, Suzie didn’t stay at the shelter long in reality. The sweet Beagle was adopted by a retired clergyman as a Christmas present for his twins, Brianna and Brian, just four days after she was admitted. 🙂