Couple Leaves Two-Week-Old Puppies In Cage To Bake In The Sun Without Their Mom

Officers from the Portland Police Department in Tennessee arrived to the home of a couple who’d left 7 two-week-old puppies out in the sun without their mother. The litter sat helplessly in the crate without food and water as the hot sun beat down on them for hours.

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One officer moved the crate to the shade before eventually placing the pups in his air-conditioned vehicle. He then brought their mother over to see if she’d nurse them, but she had a condition called mastitis that prevented her from feeding them.

The puppies were taken to animal control where they discovered one had no heartbeat. Chest compressions were unsuccessful, and the dog was not able to be revived.

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The couple, James C. Null and Crystal L. Williams, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

A big thanks to whoever reported the situation. Surely these puppies wouldn’t have lasted much longer out there alone.

H/T – Fox 17 Nashville