Seven Chihuahuas And Their ‘Dad’ All Live Together, And They Couldn’t Be Happier

In Bangkok, Thailand, lives a very amazing yet unlikely furry family. A total of seven Chihuahuas (five puppies and the two parents) live with their human mom, but it’s their “dad” who makes the family truly unique.

The seven Chihuahuas pictured here all live under the same roof in Bangkok, Thailand. But it’s their father figure who has everyone talking…

Meet Ritchie the cat, caretaker, and “boss” of the Chihuahua clan! 🙂

Mom started uploading their photos and daily activities to Instagram, and that’s how they became internet famous!

But the tightest bond of the group exists between Ritchie and Kuma, the smallest of the Chihuahuas.

Whenever you see Ritchie, it’s a guarantee Kuma won’t be far behind. 😉

But Ritchie has plenty of love to go around. They’re one happy family!

How adorable. <3

Be sure and check out their Instagram account for more of their adorable shenanigans! 🙂