Service Dog With A Pluto Toy Finally Gets To Meet His Longtime Hero

Meeting a hero can be the experience of a lifetime. And if you’re ever lucky enough to meet yours, let’s just hope you handle it as well as Atlas the Golden Retriever did! The service dog and his owner, Julian Gavino, made the trip to Disney World where the dog finally got to meet Pluto. ūüôā

Julian Gavino, 22, is a college student from Florida who was born with a rare tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. His service dog is his everything, and it meant the world to him when the Pluto-loving Golden Retriever finally got to meet his idol.

The two go to Disney World once a week as annual pass holders, but this was the first time for Atlas seeing Pluto. The dog has always been obsessed with Pluto and has the toy to prove it!

It was an extremely magical moment, not only for Atlas, but for everyone involved. It’s great to see such positive stories like this, so make sure you spread it around to everyone you know! ūüôā