No One Would Hire This Man With A Service Dog, So One Store Hired Them Both

A man couldn’t find work because of his dependence on a service dog. But that changed when one company decided to hire both.

Lowe’s Canada took to social media to announce the hiring of a man and his service dog.


“A recent hire is a gentleman that was having difficulty finding employment because of a brain injury and a support dog. So we did what Lowe’s does best: we hired him and outfitted Blue, our customer service canine, with his very own vest!”

Blue even got his own name tag. 🙂


Kudos to Lowe’s for giving a man who was down on his luck (for no fault of his own) a much needed break.


The decision to hire the man and his dog is receiving praise from all over.

More companies need to follow the example set here by Lowe’s to help those with special needs.

h/t The Dodo