Adopting An Old Dog Is Anything But A Waste Of Time And Money

Many people believe that it’s a waste of time and money to adopt a senior dog. But this boy here is an example of why that’s simply not true.

You may not get as many years with an old dog as a puppy, but the years that they spend with you will be the best years of their lives. Instead of living out the rest of their lives sitting in a shelter, they can finally feel the love and happiness they’ve always deserved.

From greeting you at the door every day to sleeping by your feet at night, they will return the love tenfold. It’s almost as if they realize you had a choice to make, and you ended up choosing them.

If you’re in the position to adopt, consider making a senior dog’s life complete.

Visit Adopt-a-Pet or visit your local shelter to find adoptable seniors in your area.