Homeless Dog Finds His Only Comfort At A Railroad Company Full Of Loud Noises

Hope For Paws received an emergency text about a homeless dog who’d taken refuge at a railroad company. It was the only comfort he could find, and he knew he could be fed by the workers. But he still didn’t trust anyone enough to let them pick him up.

With all of the workers around, there was enough of a distraction for Eldad to secure the pup with the net. After having lived at this industrial site for weeks, Scooter was finally on to a much safer place! The dog had no microchip, and his skittish and backward behavior indicated there was lots of work to be done.

After a nice bath, L.A. Animal Rescue provided Scooter with a foster home where he nodded off to sleep and had some dreams about his future forever home. And it wasn’t long before those dreams came true! Now renamed Rudy with a sister, Dottie, to go on adventures with, the pup is living the life! 🙂