A Once Scared And Lonely Pittie Is Such A Daddy’s Girl Now

There in the middle of the road in downtown Detroit sat a scared pittie, and Cheryl didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t approach or the dog would run, but she couldn’t let her stay there alone. So she waited and waited in the snow trying to gain the dog’s trust. About four-and-a-half hours later, another rescuer, Trina, showed up with a gentle slip leash.

They got the lead wrapped around the dog, and the poor girl panicked. But the few moments of stress would be worth the reward in the end. The dog got all caught up in the leash and was able to just sit there and calm down. This was the beginning of a second chance at life.

This is when Morgan and Joseph came into the picture. They took Cardi B in thinking it would just be a foster situation, but Dad absolutely fell in love with the dog. They formed such a tight bond right away as Joseph lay on the floor with her that first night for six hours. The couple moved out of their apartment to better accommodate the pittie, and it’s a happily-ever-after for this loving family. 🙂