They Hear Crying In The Engine And Prep The Area Around The Car

Hope For Paws received an emergency call about a kitten crying from somewhere in the car engine. They were able to contact the car owner and he was nice enough to pop the hood for them. Eldad and Loreta could hear the meowing but couldn’t spot the tiny kitty. They set up fencing around the vehicle in the event it would try to make a quick escape.

And the kitten did exactly that. He found a way out of the engine compartment, so they searched knowing he certainly couldn’t have made it far. And they finally find him up on top of one of the tires. They then get him back to the hospital for a checkup and bath.

They named the little fella Saturn, and he was so sweet and cooperative! He’s happy and healthy and just needs that forever home. You can contact Room 8 Cats if interested. 🙂