Sassy Little Bulldog Puts Her ‘Tough’ Attitude On Display

Puppies are too precious. The little balls of energy are just trying to figure life out, and it can lead to some pretty adorable moments. The levels of sass and attitude they display are meant to make them appear tough, but we can’t help but laugh at the cuteness!

Greta is new to this world, and her priority is to protect herself. She’s a little hesitant to take anything at face value, so the little Bulldog puts on her mean face. Her back-and-forth with dad is absolutely heart-melting.

The puppy’s on the floor surrounded by her toys barking up at dad on the couch. She’s unsure about something, we just don’t know what! Maybe Greta thinks dad should be on the floor playing with her. Or maybe Greta doesn’t understand why she’s not up on the couch too!

Whatever her argument is, the little angry Bulldog has proven her point on camera; despite her size, she’s one tough cookie! I know I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side. 😉