Loving And Selfless Dog Takes It Upon Himself To Comfort Injured Fawn

It’s not surprising that a dog would be so loving and selfless as to comfort an injured fawn, but it sure is sweet to see and never gets old! Take a look at good boy Sarge in the video below, and may he R.I.P.

“Sarge helped save countless injured and orphaned fawns throughout the years, giving his whole heart every time. Many of these fawns didn’t make it due to their injuries or that they were left without a mother for too long, and Sarge grieved the loss of each and every one. Regardless of the painful losses, Sarge would spring into action each time a fawn was carried through our doors, sniffing the fawn over for injuries and helping the fawn to feel safe. Sarge wouldn’t leave a fawn’s side. Sarge recently died of a heart tumor, joining his beloved fawns in greener meadows. What a blessing he was to the world.”