Abandoned Dog Found Outside Of A Cemetery Favoring Her Foot

Hope For Paws received a call from a fan who stumbled upon an abandoned dog outside of a cemetery who needed help. The dog favored her foot and walked with a limp, so she knew something was wrong. Eldad arrived after the 1.5 hour trip to find the woman had gotten to the dog.

The dog was very friendly and hungry and just wanted some belly rubs. She had no microchip, so she was taken to the hospital to see what they could find out about her limp. Eldad named her Sapphire while sharing a moment in the vehicle. 🙂

It turned out Sapphire’s paw was badly broken and that she would need surgery. Afterward, the sweet dog was so happy to feel better and went on to be fostered by Foxy and the Hounds. And it wasn’t long before she found a loving forever home!