Lost Dog Cries Upon Seeing Dad Again After 3 Long Months Apart

One day, Coco the dog went missing from home, and it left his family devastated. For three long months, Rustico Samson Jr. searched and did everything possible to locate his best buddy. But the dog was nowhere to be found.

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But Rustico and family never gave up. Not even as months passed by. They asked friends and strangers for help, describing Coco so they could give a heads up if they found anything. And it all finally paid off…

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Three months later, a stray dog who fit the description was found in a parking garage. Rustico set out as excited as could be, sure that it was Coco. When he arrived, he saw the dog lying on the floor of the garage in the distance. Sure enough, the dog started crying as he ran over to his owner! Suddenly, all was well with the world again. 🙂

H/T – The Dodo