Fluffy Samoyed Pup Adorably Shows His Belly On Command

Just when we think dogs can’t get any more adorable, we see something like this! We’re always challenging our pups to learn new tricks and commands, and the cuter they are the better. Yuki the Samoyed may be a little clumsy, but he nails this in his own way! ūüėČ

“Let me see your belly,” dad commands the fluffy dog. The first attempt doesn’t go so smoothly, but Yuki handles the slip up with grace and cuteness! Even the dog’s “fails” are cuteness overload!

The Samoyed gets back to his feet, and dad commands him to sit. Now for another try. “Let me see your belly,” dad commands once again. After an adorable yawn, the dog perfectly shows off his totally scratchable belly!

Have you ever seen anything so adorable? Yuki is so cute, his mistakes don’t even ruin his own tricks! Watch the video below and see it in action ‚ÄĒ you won’t regret it. ūüôā

Can your pet pull off any adorable tricks or commands? Let’s hear about them or see them in the comments!