Rescuers Corner Stray On Balcony When Dog Thinks About Jumping Off

A homeless dog had been sitting outside of an apartment complex crying for days, so Hope For Paws was contacted. As soon as the rescuers approached she took off running up the stairs, and they cornered the dog from both sides.

They now had the dog trapped, but she was thinking about jumping off of the balcony. The last thing rescuers wanted was for the dog to hurt herself, so they had to back off. Blocking the stray in wouldn’t work, so they had to try and lure her down the steps.

The dog came far enough down the stairs that she could easily jump down. They quickly realized the stray was afraid of men, and now it was Loretta’s turn to lead the rescue. She sat on the ground and fed the dog some Cheeseburger and tried to make friends with her. She was finally able to leash the little girl, and after freaking out for only a few seconds, the dog calmed down.

On the way to the hospital, they decided to name her Saigon. The dog had no microchip, so when she checked out healthy, it was time to find her a forever home…

And that’s exactly what Cause For SB Paws did! Sweet Saigon’s life did a complete 180 in just a short amount of time — just look at her now! 😀

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