Dog Gives In To New Life As Duck’s Personal Pillow

We all know dogs can befriend just about anyone or anything, and their unique and unlikely friendships over the years have caused us lots of joy. But there really seems to be something between dogs and ducks for whatever reason! We’ve seen this special bond before, and you’re about to see it again. 🙂

<a href=httpswwwpawmygoshcoduck waddles porch rel=noopener noreferrer target= blank>Duck Waddles Onto The Porch Out Of Nowhere To Cheer Up A Sad Dog<a>

In the video below, Barclay the dog is seen snuggling with his buddy Rudy the duck. And not only are they cuddling together, the dog seems to have given in to this new life as the duck’s personal pillow! 😀

“Rudy, the duck, is always trying cuddle up to his best friend, Barclay, but he ended up on the wrong end!” they said as a caption to the video. Too funny!