Disappointed Dog Gives Owner The Cold Shoulder After ‘Bad’ Haircut

Eris Baker recently took her dog, Roxy, to get groomed at her regular location, but this time it resulted in a different look! Like a lot of fluffy dogs, Roxy requires a haircut every so often. But Mom noticed the fur around her pup’s ears getting easily matted between appointments, so she asked for it to be trimmed too. And, well…

Eris returned to pick her dog up, and she seemed fine until they got to the car. But that’s when the dog caught a glimpse of herself in the reflection of the windows and became extremely disappointed in her new look!

Mom couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that Roxy now kind of looked like an alpaca! The dog couldn’t believe Mom had signed off on this “bad” haircut and gave her the cold shoulder for a good while. But she eventually came around, and as we all know, haircuts don’t last forever. Plus, now Roxy doesn’t have to worry about matted ear fur! 😀

Too funny!