A Foreclosure Property Was Home To A 14-Year-Old Pittie Who Deserved Better

Rose the 14-year-old pittie was abandoned and left to fend for herself on a foreclosure property. She was so neglected and looked so bad, and she needed all the help she could get. Thankfully, she was found by some kind people who knew exactly what to do with her.

She’d go on to live with her foster mom, Holly, to live like a pet while receiving all the necessary care. But Rose kept her head down and avoided eye contact. It’d take about 24 hours for her to realize she was not only okay but that this was the beginning of a second chance at life!

Rose would get more and more comfortable in the home, and she started to take to Holly’s other dog! The curious pittie was excited to learn what this new life had to offer, and that included daily walks and trips to the beach. Although Rose looks like an older dog, she acts so youthful and is living it up in this new lease on life with her forever family! 🙂