Pup Abandoned In A Dump And Blinded By Allergies Has His Day

Rory was abandoned in the De Doorns dump blinded by allergies, sick with tick bite fever, and riddled with worms. But he was found and taken in by Sidewalk Specials to be put on a recovery course to a much better life.

The sweet boy just wanted to be healthy and surrounded by people who love him. Well, he was now in the hands of the right people who would do everything in their power to get him right once again. And it wouldn’t take long until Rory was back to normal. 🙂

Just look at the good boy now! Playing with toys, hanging out with friends, and swimming in the ocean are just some of the new things Rory gets to experience in this second chance at life. Best of all, he’d get the perfect dad and loving forever home he’d always deserved.